Wednesday, 13 January 2010

FREE HybridZ Fetish Doll FREE

Fetish Doll Suit Menu Driven Features:
The following menus can be accessed from any of the worn attachments.
Once the Lock command is selected it will effect all the worn parts making them all undetachable. This removes the need for each part to be locked seperately.
-OWNERS - Ownership Ability allows you to add owners and give them access to the menus. Simply click on the hood, go to 'OWNERS' and select 'Add OWNER'. Then choose the appropriate button number to add the person you want And your done!
- LOCK - Locks all the Doll's Outfit attachments.
- UNLOCK - Unlocks all the Doll's Outfit attachments.
- GAG - Prevents the Doll from talking.
- UNGAG - Allows the Doll to talk again.

Additional Features:
- Locking Sound Effects when certain parts are Locked and Unlocked.
- Heel Sound Effects upon walking.
- LockGuard Compatible Boots.

If you have any Questions you know where we are:)

fyre Furse, natalie Serapis

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