Wednesday, 16 December 2009

HybridZ SubmissionZ Liquid Latex Fountain™

Liquid Latex Fountain Menu Driven Features:
The following menu can be accessed by clicking on the Fountain.
- TRAP - Click on the button and you will given a list of people in the vicinity who are wearing a compatible Relay. Choose the appropriate button number for the person you wish to trap on the fountain. Trapping a person will not automatically Lock the fountain.
- LOCK - Locks any person onto the fountain who has either been trapped or who has selected 'Sit here'. Once locked the 'Stand Up' button is denied to the fountain's occupant until it has been unlocked again. Also please note only the resident who originally locked the fountain will have access to the menu until the fountain is unlocked.
- RELEASE - Unlocks the fountain.
- TIME LOCK - Allows you to set a time the fountain will be locked for. Once the Timer has run down the fountain will automatically unlock.
- SHOW TIME - Displays the time remaining in chat.
- ADJUST TIME - Allows you to change and set the time.
- ENABLE - Sets the Timer running.
- DISABLE - Stops the Timer running.
- RESET - Resets the time remaining.
- RELAY - Dispenses a copy of the HybridZ RLV Relay to your inventory. Our Relay is a rebranded version of Satomi's Multi-Relay, produced with the author's consent. See the included notecard for full instructions on it's many uses.
- UPDATE - Checks for any upgrades to your product (Note: You must be in range of the Update Server located at the HybridZ Main Store.)

Using The Fountain For Self-Bondage:
If you 'Lock' the fountain yourself the 'Release' button will still be available to you so you can set yourself free. For situations where you wish to practice self-bondage set and 'Enable' the 'Timer' and your access to the 'Release' and 'Timer' buttons will then be denied. Once the 'Timer' has run down the fountain will automatically unlock allowing you to 'Stand Up'. Please use this feature with caution. Once you self lock yourself there is no way you or anyone else can release you from the fountain until the timer has finished.

If you have any Questions, please contact:

fyre Furse, natalie Serapis

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