Wednesday, 2 November 2011

HybridZ SubmissionZ Venusian Space Girl™

HybridZ SubmissionZ Venusian Space Girl™ - Modify (Prim Attachments Only) - Copy - No Transfer

- To use your HybridZ SubmissionZ Venusian Space Girl simply wear the clothing and attachments you desire.
- The default attachment points are included in each attachment name and are listed below:
Venusian Space Girl Hair - SKULL
Venusian Space Girl Helmet (Chin) - CHIN
Venusian Space Girl Air Tanks (Spine) - SPINE
Venusian Space Girl Headphones (Nose) - NOSE
Venusian Space Girl Skirt (Stomach) - STOMACH
Venusian Space Girl Collar (Chest) - CHEST
Venusian Space Girl Shoulders (L Shoulder) - LEFT SHOULDER
Venusian Space Girl Shoulders (R Shoulder) - RIGHT SHOULDER
Venusian Space Girl Cuff (L forearm) - LEFT FOREARM
Venusian Space Girl Cuff (R forearm) - RIGHT FOREARM
Venusian Space Girl Boot (L Lower Leg) - LEFT LOWER LEG
Venusian Space Girl Boot (R Lower Leg) - RIGHT LOWER LEG
Venusian Space Girl Ray Gun (Right Hand) - RIGHT HAND

Venusian Space Girl Prim Resizing Features:
- By clicking on the Boots and Hair you can access a Prim Resizer Menu allowing you easy size editing to fit your avatar. We recommend making a copy of each item before resizing then once you have a fitted copy of each attachment you may delete the scripts if you so wish. (This can prove helpful with script lag.)

Venusian Space Girl Ray Gun Features:
- Clicking on the worn Ray Gun (Right Hand) attachment will trigger an animation with additional particle and sound effects.

Venusian Space Girl Attachment Strip Features:
- All of the outfit's attachments, excluding the Boots and Hair, include a Strip function giving residents the ability to remove items from your avatar. To remove an item a resident simply clicks on the desired item and they will recieve a menu giving them a set of options. These options include a selection of text based messages shown in general chat and a selection of choices that allow them to remove items from you physically.
- The Strip function has 2 modes, Private and Public, that the outfit wearer can set depending on their circumstances and preferences.
- To select these modes use the Chat Commands '/77private' and '/77public'.
- Private mode will display a menu giving you option to 'Allow' or 'Deny' any attempts to remove items by a resident.
- Public mode will not display a menu thus removing the ability from you to deny any attempts to strip items.

Additional Features:
- Heel Sound Effects upon walking.
- Open and Closed Bodysuit Upper options.

Boot Sculpt Maps and Textures by Van Stantz - Eva Footwear.
Hair Kindly Supplied by our dear friend Zeev Dinzeo - LollipopZ Hair Styles.

If you have any Questions, please contact:

fyre Furse, natalie Serapis

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