Thursday, 22 January 2009

HybridZ SubmissionZ Latex Eva Hood™

HybridZ SubmissionZ Latex Eva Hood™

Menu Driven Features:
- ADDOWNER - Ownership Ability allows you to add owners and give them access to the hood menu. Simply click on the hood, go to 'ADDOWNERS' and select 'Add'. Then type: /69 And your done!
- LOCK - Locks the hood ready for use.
- UNLOCK - Unlocks the hood.
- BLOCK TP - Blocks all forms of Teleport, TP to Landmarks, TP to Map Locations, TP to Friends and TP to Sit on Objects.
- GAG - Prevents the wearer from talking.
- UNGAG - Allows talking again.
- UPDATE - Checks for any upgrades to your product (Note: You must be in range of the Update Server located at the HybridZ Main Store.)
- POSES - Access built in poses allowing you to control your subject.
- ISOLATE - Isolates you from interacting in the SecondLife Environment, Inventory access denied edit objects TP etc, IM to locker/OWNER only permitted for safety reasons.
- CLOTHING - Allows removal of individual clothes or a full strip, also ALLOW DRESS/ DENY DRESS controls whether your pet can wear or remove clothing.

Additional Features:
- Locking Sound Effects when Locked and Unlocked.

If you have any Questions, please contact:

fyre Furse, natalie Serapis

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