Friday, 23 January 2009

HybridZ SubmissionZ Latex Doll Suit™

HybridZ SubmissionZ Latex Doll Suit™

Menu Driven Features:
- ADDOWNER - Ownership Ability allows you to add owners and give them access to the different parts' menus. Simply click on the individual parts, go to 'ADDOWNERS' and select 'Add'. Then type: /69 And your done!
- LOCK - Locks the parts ready for use.
- UNLOCK - Unlocks the parts.
- BLOCK TP - Blocks all forms of Teleport, TP to Landmarks, TP to Map Locations, TP to Friends and TP to Sit on Objects.
- GAG - Prevents the wearer from talking.
- UNGAG - Allows talking again.
- BREATHE - Turns Breathe sound effects on and off for use in breath play.
- UPDATE - Checks for any upgrades to your product (Note: You must be in range of the Update Server located at the HybridZ Main Store.)
- POSES - Access built in poses allowing you to control your subject. (You may find these poses do not trigger correctly unless you turn of the Hood AO. Use the chat commands 'ao off/ao on' if this is the case.)
- CLOTHING - Allows removal of individual clothes or a full strip, also ALLOW DRESS/ DENY DRESS controls whether your pet can wear or remove clothing.
- ISOLATE - Isolates you from interacting in the SecondLife Environment, Inventory access denied edit objects TP etc, IM to locker/OWNER only permitted for safety reasons.

Please note only the Doll Hood includes the majority of these functions. The Pussy and Boots only contain the Add Owners, Lock and Update functions. The Boot Invis parts contain no RLV functions.

Additional Features:
- Locking Sound Effects when certain parts are Locked and Unlocked.
- Heel Sound Effects upon walking.
- LockGuard Compatible Boots.
- Full Body Hooded Latex Skin

If you have any Questions, please contact:

fyre Furse, natalie Serapis

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