Monday, 13 October 2008

Lesbian Dark Xpressions Xtra™-Xcite!

♀♀ Features:
Lesbian Dark Xpressions Xtra™-Xcite! is built around MLPV2 Technology, giving more flexability, and the ability to rezz objects such as love toys and pillows, with Xcite! and the added future option of multi-partner poses.

** BDSM MENU (More Unique Poses Added).
** Fetish Menu Added 5 Pee poses.
** Underbed Kennel.
** Texture Change Menu.
** 100 ready to use positions.
** NOW with Multi-Partner positions.
** More focus on BDSM as well as kissing and lovemaking.
** NEW MLPV2 Technology.
** Rezzes a double-dildo, pillow, rack, slave hanging frame, bed canopy frame, cage and a HOT
sybian toy to enhance selected poses, more or less a dungeon in a bed!!.
** Compatible with Xcite! Genitals, bringing you the most Realistic, Erotic and Sensual
** Including Unique to Fyre's Desires Custom made Animations.
** Comes in Stainless Steel Frame, Hot Latex Rubber Sheets.

If you have any Questions, please contact:

Fyre Furse-Natalie Serapis

Visit our in-world store

- Click the MLP object (top surface of the mattress) to switch it on
- When everything has loaded click again for the menu, (MLP whispers: READY)
- Select a submenu containing poses, poseballs will appear automatically
- Sit on your poseball (Right-click - LOVE)
- Select a pose, the animations will start
- To remove the balls, select 'STOP'
- To switch-off, select "ShutDown" twice (but you can leave it on after use).
- Clicking on the "Headboard" envokes a texture change menu with six unique and HOT Latex Colors to choose from Fuchsia, Grape, Blue, Black, White and Red.

♀♀ Toy Prims:
Please make sure you have enough prims to spare before rezzing a Toy from the bed, the following list will help you (poseballs count as 1-prim each).

Hang Pose-7 prim.
Hang-2 Pose-7 prim.

Girly Fun:
Dildo Fun Pose-8 prim.

Slut Pose-10 prim.
Submit Pose-5 prim.
Sybian Pose-5 prim.
Caged Pose-21 prim.
Rack Pose-9 prim.

♀♀ FAQ:
My bed does not rezz a poseball or toy?, First check you have enough prims available on your land, all the toys have been kept to a minimum for this reason, without loss of quality in there appearance, if your prim count is fine this could probably be an SL glitch, select, "Optons"/ "ShutDown" twice, then touch the MLP (top surface of the mattress) to turn it on, when everything is loaded (MLP whispers: READY) everything will be reset back to the beds correct state.

My Xcite! genitals do not respond to certain poses in the Menu?, this has been done for a specific reason, example if you choose to lay cuddle and sleep with your partner would you want to be having slow erotic orgasms all night?.

If I select a particular pose the poseballs rezz beneath the mattress?, when Animations are up-loaded into Secondlife there relative position is taken from the hip, example a laying down pose, this is an SL quirk!!, simply start off on another pose.

When I click on the mattress to select a pose, the balls rezz but I do not see the pose announced in chat?, move closer to the bed as the pose name is "whispered" in chat.

♀♀ Release Notes:
V1.0 - Initial Release
V1.1 - Xtra - Kennel Added / Fetish Menu
V1.2 - Texture Change Menu

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