Monday, 27 October 2008

HybridZ Dolly's Desire™-Xcite! with SensualLinz™

♀♀ Features:
HybridZ Dolly's Desire™ has a specially created animation made for this piece of erotic furniture. three huge gorgeous dildo's to fill every hole and fulfill your wildest desire.
"sit on" the poseball to activate the animation and SensualLinz™ erotic storlyline.

** Compatible with Xcite! Genitals, bringing you the most Realistic, Erotic and Sensual
** Including Unique Custom made Animation.
** Comes in Stainless Steel Frame, Hot Latex Rubber Cushion.
** SensualLinz™ Technology, erotic storylines as you enjoy the dark pleasure of HybridZ Dolly's Desire™-Xcite! with SensualLinz™ Technology

If you have any Questions, please contact:

Fyre Furse, Natalie Serapis

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