Wednesday, 2 June 2010

HybridZ Latex Spray Gun™

HybridZ Latex Spray Gun Features:
The following options can be accessed by choosing the appropriate HUD button.
- LATEX COATING - Click on one of the color droplet Icons ( Clear, Black, Cyan, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red)
Once you have chosen a color option, hit the 'Spray' icon in the centre of the HUD. This will then trigger the spray animation and the color change chosen.
- FREEZE - Freezes the person to the spot so they are unable to move. Choose the 'Snowflake' icon button then hit the 'Spray' icon button, clicking the 'Spray' button a second time will release your victim from being frozen to the spot. *NB can freeze only one person at a time, this is Second Life Limitation.
- STRIP - Clicking the 'Shirt' icon button and then hitting the 'Spray' icon button will strip the victims clothes in preparation for latex color coating.
- HELP - Clicking the 'i' Icon button dispenses this help notecard.
- MUTE - Mutes the selected victim,You can mute an unlimited number of people at a time, spray them again to unmute. *NB at the time of writing there is a bug with the Emerald Viewer and acceptpermission RLV command, it doesnt work. So if you are using the Emerald Viewer,you will get the dialog box asking to take their controls, hopefully they will fix the viewer bug soon.
- POSE - Puts the chosen victim or victims, as more than one person can be posed, into a latex statue pose, (will only work on rezz enabled land).
*NB Please make sure to release your victims from the Latex Control Spray's restrictions BEFORE removing the spray gun's HUD.

Due to the nature of this products perms, updates if any will be issued manually.

If you have any Questions, please contact:

fyre Furse, natalie Serapis

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