Monday, 22 March 2010

HybridZ SubmissionZ Anti-Gravity Collar™

Anti-Gravity Collar Menu Driven Features:
-OWNERS - Ownership Ability allows you to add owners and give them access to the Collar menu. Simply click on the Collar, go to 'OWNERS' and select 'Add OWNER'. Then choose the appropriate button number to add the person you want And your done!
- LOCK - Locks the Collar.
- UNLOCK - Unlocks the Collar.
- BLOCK TP - Blocks all forms of Teleport, TP to Landmarks, TP to Map Locations, TP to Friends and TP to Sit on Objects.
- GAG - Prevents the wearer from talking.
- UNGAG - Allows talking again.
- UPDATE - Checks for any upgrades to your product (Note: You must be in range of the Update Server located at the HybridZ Main Store.)
- ISOLATE - Isolates you from interacting in the SecondLife Environment, Inventory access denied edit objects TP etc, IM to locker/OWNER only permitted for safety reasons.

Once an Owner has been added to the list they can click on the Collar to get an extended features list. All the above functions will be present but with the following additional button:
- LEASH LINK - Allows the Owner to leash the sub with an invisible link between the Remote Wand and Collar. Whilst leashed the sub's movement is restricted and even if they are unleashed they will be denied access to the Collar menu. If the Owner teleports while the sub is leashed the leash will attach to the ground and these restrictions will continue to apply.
Additionally whilst leashed the owner may rez a Mooring Tesla and click on it to leash the sub to it. Clicking on the Remote Wand transfers the leash back from the Mooring Tesla to the Wand.
- Please note if the sub is leashed without the Owner wearing the Remote Wand the leash link will attach to the Owner at the default 'Pelvis' point.

Once an Owner has leashed the sub the following additional buttons will become available:
- RELEASE LEASH - Releases the sub from the Remote Wand Leash returning movement control back to them. If the sub is unlocked access to the menu will now be available too.
- LEASH SEVER - Cuts the link between the Remote Wand and Collar causing the sub to float away to a certain height before 'popping' and falling back to earth. Once this sequence is completed the sub will have her movement abilities returned to them. If the sub is unlocked access to the menu will now be available too.

Additional Features:
- Random playing Sound Effects in all items.
- Particle Effects on all items.

If you have any Questions, please contact:

fyre Furse, natalie Serapis

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