Saturday, 6 December 2008

HybridZ SubmissionZ Latex Isolation System™

Please note that you have to be using the Restrained Life Viewer to take FULL advantage of the many features of this hood. See below for details on how to find the Restrained Life viewer.

- To use your HybridZ Hood simply wear it.
- The default attachment point is the 'Skull'.
- Please note the hood must be "LOCKED" before any of the following RLV functions become active,
- Turn off your AO too.
- Please also remember that the "Deny Friend" TP button will always work for you and your sub, this is more a safety feature, anyone not on the hoods access will still be blocked from sending a TP.

Menu Driven Features:
- ADDOWNER - Ownership Ability allows you to add owners and give them access to the hood menu. Simply click on the hood, go to 'ADDOWNERS' and select 'Add'. Then type: /69 And your done!
- LOCK - Locks the hood ready for use.
- UNLOCK - Unlocks the hood.
- BLOCK TP - Blocks all forms of Teleport, TP to Landmarks, TP to Map Locations, TP to Friends and TP to Sit on Objects.
- GAG - Prevents the wearer from talking.
- UNGAG - Allows talking again.
- BREATHE - Turns Breathe sound effects on and off for use in breath play.
- UPDATE - Checks for any upgrades to your product (Note: You must be in range of the Update Server located at the HybridZ Main Store.)
- POSES - Access built in poses allowing you to control your subject.
- ISOLATE - Isolates you from interacting in the SecondLife Environment, Inventory access denied edit objects TP etc, IM to locker/OWNER only permitted for safety reasons.

Additional Features:
Hood top hoop is LockGuard compatible for topheadharness points.

If you have any Questions, please contact:

Fyre Furse, Natalie Serapis.

Visit our in-world store

1 comment:

Amy Lee said...

Hrm, lets see where to start lol. I originally purchased both the hood and body sack after seeing my SL sister wearing the hood and being I have a major hood fetish that seeing the body sack next to it I couldn't help but get them both even though the hood that comes with the body sack is the same as the stand alone hood lol. Both the hood and sack are very well made, beautifully sculpted, might take a bit of adjusting but after you are finished you will never want to leave them they look so good and the functions are better than most sculpted hoods on the market. I enjoy them so much that I bought the body sack + hood in another color and will probably get one more color later on hehe. I have nothing but good things to say about this maker and this particular set of products so I think this is a good place to end my comment/review and let the rest of you see just how good it is for your selves *smiles*.